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I think a lot, naturally, about what I want to do with my degree in the long term. Sometimes I think about volunteering as a science/engineering educator to young girls in the Middle East, somedays I want to work for the CDC/WHO. Somedays I want to be a genetics or oncology researcher in the US, sometimes the head of an engineering team at a biomedical firm. But they’re all really exciting ideas.

spent an hour shearing the pith from 5 lemons’ peels for limoncello. it’s nice knowing that i haven’t lost my artist’s hand. i’ve been meaning to use it.

it’s one of those times again. why am i still here? i should sever the necrotic limb before it kills me, but i can’t find the will.

Jezebel describing Taylor Swift: “photogenic cisgendered carefree white girl singing heteronormative songs about mooning over boys.”

This pinpoints my disdain and confusion about her acceptability exactly.


Undone (The Sweater Song) - Mac Demarco on AV Undercover

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